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Panago Pizza Inc.

A fresh approach to pizza

Franchise Fee: $25K

Startup Capital Required: $160K (average)

Investment Required: $478K (average)

Available Territories: All of Canada

Training : Yes

Franchise Units Canada: 190

Corporate Units Canada: 3

In Business Since : 1986

Franchising Since: 1986

CFA Member Since: 2004

With over 190 locations and system wide sales in excess of $160 million, Panago has built a reputation as one of Canada's premiere delivery takeout pizza franchises. Our chef-created original pizzas, salads, wings and breadsticks appeal to today's evolving consumer, satisfying their expanding culinary tastes and demand for quality and convenience. Our unique products and customer experience set us apart, allowing Panago to successfully expand into new markets.
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Panago: A Recipe for Success

Panago’s secret is simple. Make a great product that customers keep coming back for, develop systems that make it easy for each store to deliver the same consistently exceptional quality, and use savvy marketing to spread the word.

Pizza is definitely something that Canada loves and keeps coming back for. Pizza takeout and delivery stores account for 9% of the entire restaurant industry, and 65% of Canadian households enjoy this affordable luxury at least once a month. Having takeout for dinner or lunch is a habit that’s likely here to stay, with 47% of Canadians saying it’s an enjoyable and essential part of their busy lives.

In 1986, Panago set out to create pizza that was a cut above, and ever since their first store, that’s exactly what they’ve done. With superior ingredients—dough that’s made fresh every day with gourmet-inspired toppings—their product is resonating with a new generation of food-savvy consumers.

They were also determined to grow a business concept that worked for their franchisees, offering a marketing program and production systems that contribute to success at the individual store level. It starts with recipes for well-crafted products that surpass customers’ expectations and leave them craving more. And it continues with thorough training and operational support for franchise owners, ensuring they deliver consistent quality regardless of location or experience level.

The result, after 29 years of perfecting their recipes and their business model, is that Panago has become a category leader with $150 million in annual sales and over 185 stores stretching coast to coast, all the way from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.

Pizza with a difference

From the start, Panago launched the company based on their passion for creating exceptional pizzas while bringing families together to share good a good meal. Their emphasis has always been about delivering an exceptional quality at an affordable price—a decision embraced by today’s consumers, who are increasingly knowledgeable about food and mindful of what goes into it. The product marries standout flavour and texture with healthy options and quick convenience. That’s a rare combination in the world of delivery-takeout and it automatically gives Panago an edge on the competition. Their pizza is made with only natural ingredients—no artificial colours or flavours at all. Seafood is Ocean Wise™ certified for sustainability. Dough is made in house daily, giving Panago’s product a freshness that has cultivated a loyal customer base over the years.

To that standout quality, Panago adds extensive choice—not just in their range of toppings, but in crusts, sauces, and cheese as well. Fans can completely customize their pizza—and more recently, their salad. Giving customers so many options is a smart differentiator that sets Panago apart in the market.

The Freedom to Choose

Part of the Panago plan has been to give pizza-lovers the flexibility to order their meal exactly the way they want it. Pizzas are of course their mainstay, and consumers can get creative by designing their own from the base up. They may choose from 5 different crusts—with healthy options like gluten-smart and multigrain—and no less than 12 sauces, including jalapeno white, pesto, and BBQ. The 5 cheeses go beyond basic mozzarella to offer sophisticated combinations of asiago, bocconcini, and goat cheese. Panago has a list of over 40 inspired toppings, with several gourmet-calibre items like roasted garlic, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and steak.

However, Panago knows that not every customer wants to create their own pizza. Some prefer the simplicity of letting the experts decide how to make it taste great. Those people can order one or more of the chef-created recipes from a list of over 35 items. These include well-crafted classics like Canadian and Hawaiian, as well as inventive combinations like Chicken Taco, Bacon Cheeseburger, and BBQ Steak.

There’s something to tempt every palate, from pizza purists to adventurous eaters intrigued by Indian or Mexican-fusion flavours. Butter Chicken or Veggie Korma, anyone? Chipotle Chicken or Fajita? Some of Panago’s most popular items are BBQ Chicken, Steak Mushroom Melt, and Chicken Club—inspired by the original sandwich. Those combinations are examples of the out-of-the-box thinking that has made this company a leader.

Beyond pizza, Panago’s menu offers savoury wings, cheesy or sweet breadsticks, and organic fruit juices—irresistible add-ons that tend to increase the average total per order and nicely boost individual store sales. One of the company’s recent developments is the custom-made fresh salad that starts with a bowl of romaine lettuce and includes up to 10 additions, from a selection of proteins, vegetables, and cheeses. It’s easy to say yes to a healthy green salad made extra delicious with grilled chicken, goat cheese, or olives—and delivered with your pizza.

A Panago Franchise Delivers

Panago’s recipe is proving effective and franchisees are enjoying the sweet taste of success. The average store sees annual sales of more than $700,000, and 1 in 5 Panago stores has annual sales exceeding $1 million. Those figures might explain why 40% of Panago franchisees choose to own more than one location.

The company knows when to do things the old school way (like using natural ingredients and hand-tossed crusts) and when to embrace innovation (online ordering, wireless debit at the door, and a single phone number regardless of geography). There’s extensive training to make sure each store’s launch goes smoothly and ongoing operational support to help new businesses get up to speed quickly.

Panago is entering a phase of significant growth and opening new stores in some of Canada’s most upscale urban neighbourhoods, as well as smaller cities. There are currently many key locations available from coast to coast. Those interested in joining the Panago family should contact the company’s head office. Call 1 877 731 0310 or find out more at